Each branch of service upholds their own ethos and demands every person in uniform to abide by those codes of ethics. Living by the LiboRisk ethos means you are committing to a community, culture and lifestyle that thrives on being better and doing better, regardless of your uniform, rank, medals or deployments. These core tenants are what we thrive on and are the foundations of our “campfire culture.”

Be Receptive

There are two kinds of people in the world — those with a closed mindset and those who are ridiculously open-minded to new experiences.

Open-minded people see things differently than people who are closed to new experiences. Openness to experience is characterized by flexible cognition — open people are more curious, creative, and motivated to explore the world and engage with possibilities.

Be Respectful

When we travel, we’re so grateful to have the experience of being welcomed into another culture, to have the opportunity to explore, to interact with locals, to eat their food, participate in their rituals and enjoy aspects of life so different from what we are used to back home.

To travel respectfully is to travel mindfully. It is to observe and listen and learn and realize the impact of each of our choices­—however small—on every aspect of our experience: culturally, socially, environmentally, economically. 

Be Risky

The ability to take calculated risks is an essential human trait, crucial to our development as a species and as individuals. 

Our growth is stagnant when we’re within the confines of our comfort zones. If we want to grow, we need to take risks and put ourselves in situations we’ve never been in before. 

If that means swimming with sharks, exploring a new destination alone, trying a new cuisine or hitting up a community event – then do it.