our impact

We aim to inspire troops to travel by connecting and educating them in all things travel. Check out our stats, testimonials from our events, services and overall community efforts to see how we are making an impact and changing lives. 

connecting, educating and inspiring liborisks around the world

In 2019, we created our first online profiles for Instagram and Facebook. We simply wanted to inspire troops to travel and connect them virtually so they could build friendships, share travel stories and learn about resources. 

In 2020, we decided to host an event and see what would happen. With roughly 15 service members & veterans, we led a day of scuba diving & kayaking in Southern California. The event was an absolute hit!

In 2021, we recognized the potential of our community and took personal accountability in fostering the expansion of LiboRisk activities. As a veteran-owned, for-profit, we now sell products & services to fund our operations.

8500 + Connections Made

Our Instagram, Facebook Group and Discord channel are thriving online spaces where LiboRisks exchange resources, share travel tips/stories and build friendships with other service members & vets.

15 events hosted since 2020

In 2020, we had an idea. To host an event and see what would happened! It was a hit and so we've been perfecting how we curate events ever since. This is the heart of what we love to do.

200+ event participants since 2020

Our events bring together anywhere from 10 to 20 participants. We prefer smaller groups to ensure can connect, feel at home and not be overwhelmed by a crowd. Smaller is better!

10k + annual cost of our retreats

Our merchandise and travel agency profits help fund our retreats. Originally, we invested our own personal money into bringing LiboRisks together. Now, our model is sustainable and ever-lasting!

We became an official business

After a year and a half of wingin' it, LiboRisk finally became an official for-profit business. We are working to sell high-quality products and travel services to help fund our retreats in the initial stages. Currently, attendees pay a discounted price for all trips. Eventually, we will create a non-profit branch that will service the retreats entirely. As a solo-entrepreneur, this is the easiest and most seamless way to begin.

hosted 8 events w/ 100+ attendees

Since 2020, we've hosted a total of 15 events. This year, we really focused on learning from books, seminars and studies on how to curate life-changing experiences. It is a work in progress, but we believe we created a blueprint from this year's events and are looking forward to continuing our efforts in 2023.

spent less than 10k on all events

In testing out our events, we discovered how to spend and save money for our events. We are working hard to network, collaborate and partner with other business and organizations to support our trips. We realized how little it costs to bring people together and that if we focus on safety, vulnerability and purpose, we can create a true sense of belonging. All while spending as little as possible.

100% recommend & attend again

100% of attendees said they'd recommend our retreats to other service members or veterans AND would attend a LiboRisk event again in the future. We are so humbled to report this and will continue to work on being the best military travel community there is.