LiboRisk is the first travel community for members of the U.S. Armed Forces – Past and Present. Our mission is to foster an adventurous community of troops through trusted travel services while encouraging members to leave a better footprint throughout their journeys.

Traveling elevates our perspective of humanity and we believe perspective can be a passport or prison. LiboRisks are more than the uniform, rank, ribbons or deployments. We are human beings that take life a step further to be better and to do better – through travel, adventure and the outdoors.

providing expertise from experience

As a veteran-owned community, we understand the difficulties of traveling while serving. We experienced it, we will make it easier - LiboRisk is a solution to the grievances, headaches, and obstacles we've all faced as a LiboRisk.

Serving Those Who Serve

We value what our members do to serve our country, our community and the rest of the world. Their experience with LiboRisk is a direct reflection of how we try to give back to those who give their all.

Elevating The Human Experience

There is so much to reveal within ourselves when we step outside our comfort zone and expand our connection with the world more deeply. Our success depends on how extensively our members leave their journeys with an elevated perspective and open heart.

Leaving A Better Footprint

We believe our member's impact on the world can extend beyond the uniform. We have an inherent duty to nurture this planet and the beings that inhabit it. LiboRisk is a force for good, encouraging members to leave a better footprint at every destination we are fortunate enough to travel to.

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