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Why book With LiboRisk

we provide expertise from experience

As a veteran-owned travel agency, we understand how difficult vacationing can be for service members and veterans. We offer seamless, stress-free travel services that are catered to your unique lifestyles. LiboRisk is a solution to the grievances, headaches, and obstacles we've all faced as a LiboRisk.

we leave a better footprint

We believe our impact on the world can extend beyond the uniform. We have an inherent duty to nurture this planet and the beings that inhabit it. That is why we encourage LiboRisks to partake in ethical and eco-friendly activities so the can leave a better footprint at every destination.

we elevate the human experience

There is so much to reveal within ourselves when we step outside our comfort zone and expand our connection with the world more deeply. Our success as a travel agency depends on how extensively our members leave their journeys with an elevated perspective and open heart.

we take risks the right way

Risk is in the eye of the beholder and although we fear risk, we applaud risk-takers of every kind. That is why we encourage LiboRisks to incorporate positive risk-taking activities during their travels to help them learn, grow and become more resilient.

Step 1

Complete the survey

This will help us see how we can best serve you and if we are the right travel agency for you. It is important for us to know your basic vacation interests, so we can tailor travel services and products to your specific needs. 

Step 1

Step 2

Schedule a consult

After completing the survey, we will review and send a consultation invite. Book a time and date that is best for you to review the survey, clarify other vacation details and get you setup in our booking system. 

Step 2

Step 3

leave the rest to us

Submit the travel deposit and let us do the rest! We will research, customize and book the entire trip based on your travel aspirations, budget and timeline. 

Step 3

more to life beyond the military

Want to become a travel guru? Here is everything you need to know about curating your own life-changing trips! No tricks, no gimmicks – just straight to the point, essential travel information for service members and veterans. Learn how to prepare, plan, research and book your own vacations!

Start Exploring now

Our global map is sectioned by regions. Explore the areas that interest you most and take notes so we can answer any questions you have during the consult. Fill out our contact form and schedule a consult, so we can begin curating your next life-changing excursion!

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The founder

Hi, my name is Jess and I am the founder of LiboRisk.

Inspired by my grandmother’s adventures, I embarked on my first solo-backpacking trip to Thailand in 2016 and have been traveling ever since. 

I served 8 years as a an active duty photojournalist and marketing director in the Marine Corps.

Traveling as a troop is not easy and we have to endure many restraints and prerequisites in order to travel. I wanted to ease that process by fostering a community that educates and inspires members to see every corner of the world. 

I built a school bus into a tiny home so I could live as frugally and nomadically as possible. I embody a life of freedom, curiosity and risk, so I can ultimately empower other veterans to take charge of their life and experience life beyond the military. 

My time, focus and money is is on LiboRisk. This is my life’s testimony – to help others tap into the unknown, grow as individuals and leave a better footprint. 

I am a LiboRisk.