$13.50 LiboRisk Challenge Coins (Bronze)


Bronze challenge coin of the original LiboRisk logo! Created by veteran-owned and operated, Sven Smash Designs.

There are many examples of traditions that build camaraderie in the military, but few are as well-respected as the practice of carrying a challenge coin.

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Bronze challenge coin of the original LiboRisk logo! Created by veteran-owned and operated, Sven Smash Designs.

To the outsider, a challenge coin may look like nothing more than a fancy collectible. Although true, these coins are shrouded in time-honored tradition and signify the indomitable membership and camaraderie of a group.

We inspire to build our own LiboRisk tradition by encouraging members to carry this challenge coin wherever their journeys may take them and serve as a reminder to take life a step further while leaving a better footprint at every destination.

By purchasing this token, you will not only claim the title and membership of “LiboRisk,” you will profoundly aid in our efforts to build the first travel community for service members – past and present.


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"I have been traveling solo since I left the military and hoped for some guidance during my travels. It took me a couple of years to finally get comfortable traveling by myself, but there’s still a lot to learn and room for improvement. Now, I take my daughter on most of all my travels around the states and the world. This guide is set up for every level of traveler, and as an experienced traveler, I find It to be helpful for our next adventures.
yvienne, u.s. marine corps
"When I've planned trips in the past, I would usually find out I had forgotten something after I was already on the road. After my consultation and learning how to use the Travel Guide for Troops, I now know how to plan for obstacles, contingencies, or emergencies that would have taken me by surprise before. I'm sure my next itinerary is going to look like a convoy brief!"
Michael, u.s. navy
"LiboRisk hit a homerun with this all-in-one guide to help you discover your travel style and plan your next vacation. Part education, part interests inventory, and part logistical planning support - this is a wealth of information for travelers new and experienced alike!"
david, u.s. marine corps
"LiboRisk is a top-notch, interactive travel service for our Armed Forces and Veterans! I am fairly well-traveled and have never structured a trip in such an organized manner as what was presented. What I loved the most about my consultation was assessment of my travel personality and how the presentation catered to my individuality, and the options in planning tools made it accessible, regardless of their comfortability with or access to technology. I left feeling so pumped to plan a trip and told several of my friends we've been doing it all wrong!"
kari, u.s. army

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