Mala For Vets LiboRisk Mala.

  • Handmade
  • 8mm beads
  • Lava and Unakite (Meanings below!)
  • Small – Medium is 7.5 inches long (Best for women, smaller writsts)
  • Medium – Large is 7.75 inches long (Best for men, larger wrists)


Unakite: The ultimate stone for living out the spirit of carpe diem, the Unakite meaning lives up to its reputation, especially with the nickname “living in the now.” The magic of Unakite properties is their ability to inspire a sense of urgency as you realize how quickly time slips through your fingers.

As you go deeper with this power stone, the vibes of the Unakite stone help to loosen the vice grip that the rules of society have on our collective consciousness. Keep its take-action spirit on standby and when life calls on you to be a valiant warrior of the soul, hold tight to the Unakite crystal stone meaning and get ready to start checking things off your bucket list. The spiritual medicine of the Unakite meaning reminds us that when it comes to going after our dreams, there’s no time like the present.

Lava: It’s best known as a “grounding stone,” believed to strengthen the wearer’s connection with Mother Earth and give strength and courage in times of change and stress. It’s also supposed to provide people with guidance and courage in situations when they need them. There are many healing properties of lava stone due to the strong connection to the earth. It’s the stone of rebirth and new beginnings.

Lava Rock can teach you to ignite the fire within you and allow your true expression to show. When you tap into the energies of this amazing stone you can draw on your inner strength to overcome personal challenges. This stone has the firepower to provide great energy or to pull you back completely while bringing you down to earth. Folklore suggests lava stones were given to soldiers to help them remain calm and draw on strength to help them power through battle.

This custom, hand-made mala bracelets truly embodies the LiboRisk spirit! Created by veteran-owned and operated, Mala For Vets.

Mala beads are beautiful beaded jewelry you’ve likely seen yogis sporting around their neck or for sale in new age stores. These eye-catching accessories may look gorgeous, but they serve a purpose far more profound than aesthetics.

Malas have been around for thousands of years and have roots in various religions. Still, they are just as valuable today, serving as a helpful tool to stay focused while meditating. But what exactly is the meaning of mala beads, and how do you use them? Let’s find out. 

Despite being an ancient tool for spiritual practices in India and beyond, the mala has many benefits in modern-day life. They can help with anxiety and stress reduction, remove negative energy from our auras, evoke peace, and find more focus and intention when we meditate.

By purchasing this token, you will not only claim the title and membership of “LiboRisk,” you will profoundly aid in our efforts to build the first travel community for service members – past and present.


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"I have been traveling solo since I left the military and hoped for some guidance during my travels. It took me a couple of years to finally get comfortable traveling by myself, but there’s still a lot to learn and room for improvement. Now, I take my daughter on most of all my travels around the states and the world. This guide is set up for every level of traveler, and as an experienced traveler, I find It to be helpful for our next adventures.
yvienne, u.s. marine corps
"When I've planned trips in the past, I would usually find out I had forgotten something after I was already on the road. After my consultation and learning how to use the Travel Guide for Troops, I now know how to plan for obstacles, contingencies, or emergencies that would have taken me by surprise before. I'm sure my next itinerary is going to look like a convoy brief!"
Michael, u.s. navy
"LiboRisk hit a homerun with this all-in-one guide to help you discover your travel style and plan your next vacation. Part education, part interests inventory, and part logistical planning support - this is a wealth of information for travelers new and experienced alike!"
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"LiboRisk is a top-notch, interactive travel service for our Armed Forces and Veterans! I am fairly well-traveled and have never structured a trip in such an organized manner as what was presented. What I loved the most about my consultation was assessment of my travel personality and how the presentation catered to my individuality, and the options in planning tools made it accessible, regardless of their comfortability with or access to technology. I left feeling so pumped to plan a trip and told several of my friends we've been doing it all wrong!"
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